Wednesday, February 17, 2010

News Update

[this post has been edited on March 5, 2010]

I was going to remove this blog completely, but since I like many of the pieces on here, & it does get some traffic, I'm now resolved to leave it here. However, I will be removing the prices, as they were very low compared to what my work usually goes for. Most of the pieces will still be available, prices available on request.

I haven't done any silverpoint drawings for quite a while, as the "drawing a day" format forced me to sit down & create a silverpoint drawing every morning (or afternoon or evening in a few cases). While many people might find this kind of discipline useful, I personally found that it was having a reverse effect -- I seemed to be creating less work than I might otherwise, as all my efforts were being channeled into the one particular piece for the web site.

So, I may create & post some more silverpoint pieces, but it will not be on a day-by-day basis. I shall leave the existing 50 daily pieces here (including the 2 by Jim Stevenson, unless he requests I take them down for any reason), & add to them on an ad hoc basis.

William T. Ayton

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