Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 50 - the final day: Da Vinci's Angel

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As it began, so it ends. The first silverpoint image I posted in this blog, to demonstrate silverpoint's look & feel, was Leonardo's study of an angel which was used in the Virgin of the Rocks. So, I thought it was only fitting to bookend this blog with the same image, or my copy of the same:

Da Vinci's Angel by William T. Ayton, 2009. Silverpoint drawing on card prepared with Mars Yellow-tinted gesso, 8" x 6". WTA110. Signed, dated & inscribed "after Leonardo."

Click on the image to see a larger version.

I very rarely make copies of other artists' work (an exception being the Isle of the Dead), though if I do, I usually alter things at least a tiny bit.

There are various differences between the original & this one, the most obvious probably being that Leonardo was left-handed & I'm not, so the hatching lines run diagonally upwards from left to right in mine. Leonardo's original was heightened with white chalk or similar, mine is not. And so on. But, if you're going to copy or steal, copy or steal from the best. I think I learned quite a lot in making this little copy.

Price available on request. Please leave a message on this post, or email "info" "at symbol" "". Thanks.

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