Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 1: Man's Head and Mountains

Here is the first silverpoint drawing:

Man's Head and Mountains by William T. Ayton, 2009, silverpoint drawing on prepared thin card, 11" x 8.5". Serial number WTA001. Click image for better view.

As previously stated, silverpoint drawings are very difficult to scan, given that they consist of traces of silver on a support treated with a ground, so the traces are quite reflective & do not pick up well on a scanner. However, I've tried to adjust the image in Photoshop to make it as representative as possible of its current state. As the image oxidizes further, I shall try to get a better image for this blog.

This piece was done about a week ago, so it has darkened a little, but not much. I have built up a collection of about 12 drawings at this point, so I will post one a day from now on (either of my work or Jim Stevenson's), and they will be available for purchase.

Price available on request. Please leave a message on this post, or email "info" "at symbol" "". Thanks.

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